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10L piston dispensing drum with stainless steel cylinder

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Piston dispensing barrel belongs to a very common stainless steel pressure barrel. Many manufacturers prefer to use something with simple structure and easy operation, while the piston dispensing barrel is like this. Simple design and operation methods win the favor of consumers, and it also has good sealing effect to ensure the pressure stability inside the barrel.
The effect of dispensing drum on controlling glue quantity
It is not difficult to make a piston dispensing bucket, mainly in stainless steel cutting, which needs to be neat and wide range of cutting, so the manufacturing speed is more difficult, which has become one of the main reasons for its high price. The whole piston dispensing bucket is basically made of stainless steel, and the cost is high, and the price will naturally be expensive, but the time that stainless steel pressure bucket can be used is still true. Not short, because it has anti-corrosion effect.
Different types of dispensing pressure barrels
活塞点胶桶 The piston dispensing drum is different from the horizontal pouring drum or other pressure drums in that the sealing ring is installed on the cover of the stainless steel drum, which increases the air pressure stability and sealing. It is very helpful for the use of high concentration glue. Why? With the increase of air pressure and without air leakage, the pressure in the barrel can be guaranteed and the rubber output will be stable. This is the advantage of piston dispensing barrel.
Why Use Stainless Steel Barrel Cover
The basic stainless steel dispensing pressure barrel is basically stainless steel barrel cover. Why is stainless steel barrel enough? In fact, there is a reason for this. The production of pressure barrels needs batch manufacturing. Each stainless steel barrel cover is batch by batch. The next batch will be different. If the stainless steel barrel cover is not used, the damage of the barrel cover will occur instead of reconfiguring the same type of barrel cover. Therefore, in the production of pressure barrels, stainless steel barrel cover is used, which can ensure the service life of pressure barrels.
Iron and steel will be oxidized after long-term storage
碳钢压力桶 Piston dispensing barrel and horizontal filling barrel are easily corroded when they are placed on the ground for a long time. They are looked at and placed on the controller. Nothing happens, but they will be oxidized. The pressure barrel made of stainless steel can reduce the corroded effect, which is steel.
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