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ZZ-63D point nebulization valve

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ZZ-63D Spot Spray Valve is a dual-use dispensing valve, which can achieve both spray effect and dispensing. Multi-function type dispensing valve, if you use dual-use customers, you can choose this dispensing valve oh!However, it is better in dispensing glue, the atomization function is only round, and the wide spray effect is poor.
Dot Valve Parameters
Operating Viscosity: 1~200,000 CPS
Vomiting volume: 0.1g
Operating pressure: 4-7kg/cm3
Feed pressure: <10kg
Operating frequency: <600min
Feed spout size: 1/8"npt(f)
Rubber outlet bore: 2mm
Flow regulation:
Point Valve: Top Pin Point Valve
Shape size: (D) 26x (H) 189 (mm)
Weight: 200g
Atomization diameter: 2mm
Control solenoid: 2-way 5-way/2-way 3-way available
Installation screw: M4 screw hole spacing 17mm
Advantages and features of
1. Suitable for a variety of glue dispensing requirements, more in line with the task of dispensing a variety of products.
2. You can switch the dispensing and atomizing modes according to the customer's usage.
3. Easy to install, M4 is perforated and can be mounted from all sides.
4. Easy to use, install needle point glue and spray without needle.
5. The top pin structure has good sealing.
Suitable use of glue
Water-based adhesive, UV adhesive, alcohol, three anti-paint.
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