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ZZ-60 anaerobic gel dispensing valve

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ZZ-60 anaerobic gel point valve is a special gel point valve. It uses more characteristic glue, such as anaerobic gel, quick-dry glue and screw glue. Quick-dry glue is easy to adhere to aluminum, metal and plastics. With other gel point valves, it is difficult to meet the requirements of use. There are anaerobic gel point valves, also known as diaphragm gel point valves.The life of the internal diaphragm represents the life of the valve.
Spot Valve Parameters
Operating Viscosity: 1~100,000 CPS
Vomiting volume: 0.01g
Operating pressure: 4-7kg/cm3
Feed pressure: <10kg
Operating frequency: <600min
Feed spout size: 1/8"npt(f)
Rubber outlet bore: 3mm
Flow regulation:
Point Valve: Top Pin Point Valve
Shape size: (D) 28x (H) 78 (mm)
Weight: 180g
Control solenoid: 2-way 5-way/2-way 3-way available
Installation screw: M5 internal screw
Advantages and features
1. Special types of glue can be used, e.g. 502, 401, instant drying glue, structural glue
2. Round structure, mounted on the back, very easy to install.
3. Precision manufacturing, guaranteed quality of dispensing valve, diaphragm core can work 10,000 times.
4. The cylinder is made of Teflon which does not react with glue.
Suitable glue
Instant dry glue, quick dry glue, anaerobic glue, screw glue, all kinds of quick dry glue and special glue.
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