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Customization of 300 CC dispensing needle barrel with Americ

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Guide: 300cc dispensing syringe is a more practical type, many manufacturers like this syringe, large storage capacity, easy to use dispensing syringe for dispensing, if you need a larger dispensing syringe, it is recommended that the practical dispensing valve, so that it is more convenient for dispensing. Today, I'd like to introduce 300cc stainless steel needle barrel to you. What are the advantages of 300cc stainless steel needle barrel?
不锈钢点胶针筒 300cc dispensing syringe
Model: ZZ-59
300cc点胶针筒 Material: 304 stainless steel
Specification: Thread, flat, chuck, round smooth
Capacity: 300 CC
Properties: High temperature resistance
Customization: Yes
Glue for stainless steel needle barrel
不锈钢点胶针筒 High temperature adhesives, red adhesives, hot melt adhesives, high temperature epoxy adhesives, sealants, etc.
The dispensing function can be realized.
Coating, dispensing, sealing, etc.
Characteristics of all stainless steel dispensing needle barrel
Above is the basic introduction of the medium-sized 300cc dispensing syringe. Below is an introduction to the advantages of stainless steel syringe. After using the common type of American dispensing syringe once or several times, it can hardly be used again. It is not only seriously corroded by glue, but also affected by the dispensing effect. The sealing of syringe is basically absent, even the piston of the syringe is difficult to plug in, while the stainless steel needle can hardly be used again. Cylinder will not, with high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, long service life characteristics.
Type of dispensing syringe
There are also stainless steel 300cc dispensing syringes in American dispensing syringes. The classification of dispensing syringes is based on process. At present, there are Chinese, Japanese and American processes. Chinese style is more common, Japanese style is smoother and American style is more diverse. There are also pistons in syringes. The piston of Japanese syringes is put into American dispensing syringes, which results in low sealing of syringes.
Customizable irregular needle barrel
It can also be customized according to your requirements. The specifications on the market are generally 10cc, 30cc, 50cc, 60cc, 100cc, 200cc, 300cc, 500cc, while you need 150cc all-stainless steel syringes. We can produce them according to your requirements. This is customization. There are also various types of American dispensing syringes.
If you need 300cc dispensing syringes, whether American or Japanese, we can produce and sell them. Call the hotline 13928403389 if you need.
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