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  • Conical Musashi dispensing needle

    field.writer/ :2020-07-17 Clicks:207

    This is a very special dispensing needle, and it is made exclusively. Musashi is a Japanese enterprise, specializing in dispensing needles. Due to the characteristics of this dispensing needle, customers like to use it, and the effect is good. Our company...

  • Dongguan Changan stainless steel needle cylinder price

    field.writer/ :2020-07-10 Clicks:264

    Stainless steel syringe is a kind of durable syringe. Generally, plastic syringe is consumable and will be replaced once or twice. However, stainless steel syringe is used for a long time and can be heated to avoid melting of the syringe. The use of dispe...

  • Stainless steel curved needle tip

    field.writer/ :2020-07-08 Clicks:267

    Stainless steel curved needle tip, also known as stainless steel curved needle tip, is a conventional type of needle. Some glue that needs heating or high temperature is basically made of stainless steel needle. The material is resistant to high temperatu...

  • Ink filling needle

    field.writer/ :2020-07-06 Clicks:221

    There are many types of dispensing needles. For glue types, they can be divided into PP needles, plastic needles, Teflon dispensing needles and stainless steel needles. There are various specifications of needles, 1 / 2, 1 / 4 and 1 / 8, which are relativ...

  • SM static mixing tube

    field.writer/ :2020-06-01 Clicks:234

    There are many types of mixing pipes, not static and dynamic, among which there are many classifications. Today, lets talk about the GSM static mixing pipe in the mixing pipe. This is a conventional mixing pipe. Its internal structure is X-type, which is ...

  • Ma mixing tube

    field.writer/ :2020-06-01 Clicks:148

    Ma mixing pipe belongs to the lower viscosity glue, which conforms to the mixing pipe used for 50ml of supporting glue. There are 14 types in the whole series, which are different in inner diameter, length and number of sections. Some glue mixing proporti...

  • Silicone sleeve

    field.writer/ :2020-05-23 Clicks:238

    Support silica gel has a fixed size, usually 100ml, 170ml, 300ml, 2600ml, etc., which has become the industry standard. Many glue manufacturers are designed according to this silica gel. In order to meet the dispensing needs, the storage of glue must solv...

  • Antistatic dispensing needle

    field.writer/ :2020-05-22 Clicks:254

    Have you heard about the anti-static dispensing needle? Today, its coming. There may be some doubts about the manufacturers of such needles. Why the dispensing needles need to be static electricity to achieve better dispensing. Static electricity has the ...

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