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Needles with hair are more suitable for the use of glue coat

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Hair needle is also the round brush needle often mentioned in the industry. It belongs to a special kind of dispensing needle. Generally, it is not called dispensing needle, but gluing. The effect of industrial gluing is very late, the coating area is large, and the gluing is even. It meets the needs of flat products. Generally, the uneven industry needs customized hair needle to meet the needs.
Two types of brush needles
带毛针头 Brush needles can be divided into two kinds, hard hair and soft hair, there is a color distinction, such as hard hair color is yellow, soft hair is white, and there is also a difference between a round brush needle and soft brush needle, to distinguish the specifications and styles of these brush needles, can not be confused, otherwise the purchase error is not good. Hair needle can not be used in high-precision dispensing industry, which meets the needs of stainless steel precision dispensing needle.
Round brush needle
扁毛刷针头 Round-mouth brush needle is also a commonly used product, but the scope of application is quite large. First of all, it uses glue type. It can use combustion aids, heat dissipation paste, catalyst, butter and so on. The glue with better basic flow influence can be used. Of course, the use of hair needle must depend on the application industry, different from high-precision dispensing needle, which industry can basically use it. Use. Where is the brush needle used?
Available glue and application industries
Round-mouth brush needle application industry has electronic board coating combustion aids, guide rail lubrication, industrial board coating and so on, can be used, different industry effects, will have a direct relationship with the use, brush needle application scope, that is, some products with very low accuracy requirements, general demand dispensing accuracy, round-mouth brush needle is difficult to complete, this is to limit the brush. The reason why needles are used less is that high-precision dispensing needles are different and can be used in high-precision dispensing industry.
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