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        About Shenzhen middle system automation equipment Co., Ltd.
  Shenzhen business automation equipment Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in R & D and production and dispensing dispensing machine parts manufacturing company, adhering to the construction of industrial 4 concept, the positive development of automation industry, electronic manufacturing industry and solve the complex and precise precision dispensing technology, design and development of the mechanical industry for dispensing products.
Shenzhen business automation machinery Co. Ltd is one of Shenzhen Haiyu Electromechanical Equipment Co. Ltd subsidiary, experience in manufacturing production Haiyu electromechanical dispensing machine has many years, and has completely independent intellectual property rights and development capability of dispensing products, in 2017 the formal establishment of Automation Machinery Co. Ltd. Shenzhen system, the same year the odd combination of electronic commerce network information limited company set up operations in the "world factory" in Dongguan, in the automatic time standing in person, gains and losses; learn from history, one can know the old saying "before," Chinese manufacturing company to "carry forward in mind.
"Efficiency comes from diligence. shortage in the play, line into Si destroyed with the idea and concept, for each unique landing, we firmly believe that a small step forward is a step closer to perfect results every day. The company provides a full automatic dispensing machine, LED dispenser, AB has mature technology of double liquid dispensing machines, high-speed spraying machines and other equipment to provide enterprises with the characteristics of automation construction, dispensing products and perfect service for the user.
So far, the dispensing machine and automatic control system have been widely applied in various industries, such as industrial production, large LCD monitors, televisions, small semiconductor packages, electronic components, video and dispensing, etc.
Comrade Marx once pointed out: "the development of machine production calls for the application of natural science consciously, and the productivity includes science, and labor productivity is developing with the continuous progress of science and technology." And the medium machinery is designed to combine the machinery with the workers to improve the manufacturer's overall production capacity.
Automatic dispensing machine imported from abroad, more than half a century, the most widely used artificial to semi automatic dispensing from manual dispensing to last high-speed automatic dispensing equipment, the highest respect for mechanical elder expression cannot do without the early battle front line workers in artificial intelligence, but also in the system will follow the footsteps of predecessors will continue the development of artificial intelligence machine.
"The book of changes" has a cloud: "the capacity of Confucius, the only way is from. The way is, only not only so. Indistinct indistinct Xi Xi, which is like. Laotse, including material. Deep and obscure, which is fine. His essence is very true, there is a letter. From ancient times to the present, its name is not to go, to read the public. How do I know that all things like? In this way. "

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