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What are the three latest glue cleaning methods?

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There are many ways to clean glue, but they need to be separately solidified or not solidified. For example, after solidification without shadow, cleaning will be very rare. The best cleaning time is when glue has not solidified, and the cost is very low. No matter which kind of dispensing valve is the same, it can not be cleaned after solidification of glue, which will lead to bad secondary use of glue valve.
点胶阀清洗 I will take the fluid dispensing valve and the single-action control valve as representatives to explain the method of glue cleaning for you, so that you can understand the shadowless gelling and non-solidification cleaning methods, here has included two cleaning methods, and the third is the simplest one, to the end of the discussion. Now let you know about Shadowless Film.
The Way of Cleaning Shadowless Film
点胶阀 Shadowless glue belongs to a very common glue, but it has a feature that it can't see light, otherwise it will solidify. It can be used as a production dispensing valve by using fluid dispensing valve and automatic control valve. After product dispensing, then it is the time of glue cleaning. It needs to be cleaned in the rated time, so that no shadowless glue solidification can be caused. When solidification occurs, it can be cleaned with clean water. After solidification, it needs to be cleaned with chemical substances, which can also ensure the secondary use of dispensing valves.
The most cost-effective cleaning method
精密点胶阀 The third kind of cleaning is the best, which will not affect the damage or blockage of the fluid dispensing valve or single-action control valve. That is green solvent cleaning, which decomposes the solidified part of the shadow-free gel, which is to break down the internal conditions to achieve the role of glue cleaning, but also can be used twice. This is the most cost-effective way, and is also the most in line with the current dispensing valve glue cleaning method. For one thing, if you need such a cleaning agent, you can call the hotline 13662812001.
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