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Is there any skill in installing safety valve? You asked the

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Installation of safety valve needs to understand the characteristics of the valve. Generally, the safety valve is based on the pressure value, and can not use the pressure value outside the scope, otherwise it will be very harmful to use. For example, the high pressure safety valve should be used, but the low pressure safety valve is used, which can easily cause air pressure injury, or affect the production efficiency of the product.
Improper installation will cause harm
点胶压力桶 The dispensing industry prefers to use dispensing pressure barrel. In order to install the pressure barrel, the safety valve is installed as an air-control fittings. Its function is to ensure the safety of using the dispensing barrel. The safety valve will be used in heating the stainless steel pressure barrel to prevent the damage caused by excessive air pressure. Although the air pressure value of manual gluing is small, it is not well controlled and easy to cause air pressure. The explosion problem is the reason why the dispensing pressure barrel is equipped with safety valve.
Installation and use
平盖式点胶桶 In fact, the skill of installing safety valve lies in selecting safety valve and choosing the right safety valve, so there will be no problem in using glue-coated barrel or dispensing pressure barrel, and safety valve is not consumable and need not be replaced. Even if the heating stainless steel pressure barrel is used, it can be used for a long time after installing safety valve. We have used heated stainless steel pressure drums in manual and automatic gluing, and there is no safety valve problem. It proves that this method can meet the requirements of safety valve when using glue drums.
Function of safety valve
点胶压力桶 The use of dispensing barrel is increasing year by year. Installation of safety valve is one of the things that must be done. Otherwise, it will lead to air leakage or dispensing unevenness in the use process, which will greatly affect the effect of gluing. The use of dispensing barrel can not only look at the basic parameters, but also need various types of accessories, so as to ensure the production advantages of dispensing barrel, if you do not use dispensing barrel. What do you know about installing safety valve? Call the hotline 139-2840-3389.
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