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Connection method between dispensing machine and dispensing

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The connection of dispensing pressure barrel and dispensing machine also needs to pay attention to some details. The process of glue flow is in the middle. Some problems easily affect the quality of dispensing gum. The size of dispensing gum is set according to the requirements of dispensing industry, but the sealing problem in the middle directly leads to the decline of the quality of dispensing gum. This is a common problem.
搅拌压力桶 Method of Sharing Pressure Barrel Connection
According to the connection problem of dispensing pressure barrel, as a small part of dispensing equipment production, share how to ensure that dispensing does not occur in the connection between dispensing machine and dispensing pressure barrel. First of all, we must understand the specifications of dispensing pressure barrel connected with dispensing machine and what type of dispensing pressure barrel is. The small part uses 2LD downward dispensing pressure barrel as an example to tell you. Say the connection of dispensing pressure barrel.
First understand the specifications of pressure barrels
调压器 Pressure barrel specifications have many, according to the glue concentration limit of dispensing pressure barrel, and the lower dispensing pressure barrel is the use of relatively large concentration of glue, then the connection dispensing machine needs to use a smoother hose, the pressure should be increased, the connection is better to let the hose clamp position, and then pull back to ensure the clamping strength, so the dispensing pressure barrel connection is very good, there are connections. Rubber hose must be carried out according to the requirements, otherwise the whole production will not be carried out.
Pressure barrel specification, interface unchanged
针筒转接器 Although the specifications of dispensing pressure barrel are different, the connection ports are basically the same, such as the interface of 2L dispensing pressure barrel and 5L dispensing pressure barrel, which reduces the trouble of replacing various parts. This is also for the convenience of users'choice. Each pressure barrel has different dispensing methods and different performance. According to the current industry demand, four different dispensing pressure barrels are manufactured. The way of dispensing glue can also ensure the demand of glue concentration. The connection of pressure barrel is different from the model. Different types of barrel will be different.
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