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The price of pneumatic plastic dispensing syringe is unexpec

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Plastic syringes include American dispensing syringes, Japanese dispensing syringes, ordinary dispensing syringes, EFD dispensing syringes. Different prices of plastic syringes are different. Do you know the price of dispensing syringes produced in China? 30 CC American dispensing syringe 0.9 yuan, 30 CC Japanese dispensing syringe 1.2 yuan, ordinary 30 CC dispensing syringe price 0.7 yuan, the price is only one side.
点胶针筒 Plastic dispensing syringes are consumable
Plastic dispensing syringe is also one of the products often used in dispensing industry. It is also a consumable product. If there is glue remaining in the dispensing syringe, it basically belongs to the scrap dispensing syringe. If you want to use it twice and clean it in time, the impact of the second dispensing on the dispensing is small, as long as it is not used in high-precision industries. In fact, the price of the syringe you lost depends on the size of the syringe.
Current specifications of needle barrels manufactured in medium-sized enterprises
黑色点胶针筒 At present, the specifications of the dispensing syringes produced in the medium-sized system are 10cc, 20cc, 30cc, 50cc, 80cc, 100cc, 300cc, 500cc, etc. If you need other types, you need to customize. The customization needs to have a certain quantity to customize. Many dispensing accessories are like this, and the price of the plastic syringes with a quantity will be lower. There will be an unexpected price for you, whether it is American style. The same is true for dispensing syringes, EFD dispensing syringes and Japanese dispensing syringes. Of course, the price will also have a certain position.
Differences between dispensing syringes
EFD dispensing syringe belongs to pneumatic plastics. It may be a kind of dispensing syringe with high price, and generally has color. It can be dispensing with UV glue. The inner wall of American dispensing syringe will be rougher than that of Japanese dispensing syringe, and the effect will be better if the fluidity glue is used.
绿色点胶针筒 The price of plastic needle barrel is calculated according to the material and process used in dispensing needle barrel. The main reason why EFD dispensing needle barrel is more expensive is these two points. Many dispensing accessories are calculated according to material and process. Buying in batches can reduce some prices, and the cost of manufacturing materials will be relatively cheap.
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