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What's the use of the glue needle

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The glue needle is one of the parts of the glue. Can cooperate with the dispensing valve or cylinder used for dispensing work in the dispensing, dispensing needle scope is wide, in the electronics industry, mobile phone parts, LED, semiconductor manufacturing such products can be used to dispense needles, and each of the needle industry requirements are different, so there are many kinds of needles, for example common are: TT stainless steel needles, needles, needles and other flexible PP. What about the point glue needle in the dispensing equipment?
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Glue needles can be dispensed with glue in the dispensing equipment, and the amount of glue can be controlled by the needle. But in the selection of the needle according to the need of glue viscosity selection needle length, for example: some glue viscosity is relatively high, but the point out of the glue point is relatively small, very prone to the phenomenon of drawing, so for some year high glue can be used with long needles, avoid drawing phenomenon; and some glue the viscosity is low, the point out of the glue point is relatively large, the phenomenon of leakage glue, glue is easy to appear in the dispensing process, you can use the dispensing needle with short length. When the suitable needle length is needed, the size of the inner diameter of the needle is selected according to the requirement of the product's glue, so it is convenient to spot the glue.
In front of it, the application range of the needles is wide, and the demand for the glue is different in each industry. In some industries, the demand for needles is relatively high, so when making dispensing, special dispensing needles will be used to avoid the phenomenon of drawing and glue solidification during the dispensing process, which will affect the dispensing. If there is a solidification phenomenon in the metal dispensing needle, the heater can be used to melt the glue. If the plastic dispensing needle is replaced, it is easy to use.
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