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Use type of dispensing needle

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Due to the use of the scope of dispensing needle is wide, so the type of dispensing needle is more also, for example, the most common are: PP, TT type flexible needles, stainless steel needles needles, made these needles of different sizes according to different specifications of the point to the glue is also different, so we need to were selected according to the glue and the product for use in the use of these needles, to avoid leakage of glue dispensing machine, clogging phenomenon in the dispensing process. Then what types of needles can be divided into?
1, stainless steel needle
Stainless steel needle can include: stainless steel dot glue needle, high precision glue needle and so on. The two kinds of needles are made of stainless steel and their service life is longer. The dispensing equipment using these needles is fast, and the accuracy is high. If the glue is solidified in the needle, the heater can be used to melt the glue to avoid the glue.
2. Plastic needles
The glue needles made of plastic material are: PP flexible dot glue needle, TT oblique point glue needle, card buckle point glue needle and so on. The use of these glue needles is not easy to scrape the product, and it can guarantee the quality of the product. And the price is relatively low, but the service life is very short. If the glue in the syringe is coagulated, it is necessary to replace the needles to avoid glue clogging and affect the dispensing.
For some special glue, such as instant glue, UV glue, the glue need to use special needles, so according to the requirements and properties of the glue dispensing needle in the selection, convenient dispensing.
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