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How can the needles be used correctly

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Types of needles are more common: TT stainless steel needles, needles, high precision dispensing needles, including stainless steel needles and high precision dispensing needles are made of metal material production, long service life; and the TT is made of plastic dispensing needle, the dispensing process will not scratch products. In the process of glue, the needle will be blocked because of some reasons, affecting the glue work. So how do the needles do not appear to be blocked?
If the quality of glue is not good, it is easy to block the dispensing needles in the dispensing process. During the dispensing process, there may be a phenomenon of uneven gel or no glue, which may be the pressure inside the pressure barrel is not good. So before checking the glue, we need to check the quality of the glue and the pressure of the pressure tank. If the glue quality is not good, we can clean the pressure drum and change the glue. If the pressure in the pressure cylinder is not enough, the inflator can be used to inflate and pressurize the valve, but in the process of pressure, it is better to turn on the dispensing equipment, so as to avoid excessive pressure and influence the dispensing work.
In addition to the glue quality and pressure using the pressure barrel attention, also need to debug location or distance products and dispensing needle dispensing equipment in the debugging products with the needle position or distance when you can try slowly until the alignment for dispensing, dispensing needle can be aligned point glue, avoid position or inaccurate dispensing distance effect quality etc..
In the choice of dispensing needle according to the viscosity of the glue and products used by the dispensing selection, avoid drawing, glue, glue leakage phenomenon in the dispensing process, affect the dispensing quality etc..
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