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How to choose the double head glue needle

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Double needles in rubber industry is also a relatively common dispensing needle, has a very high effect of dispensing proper needle dispensing dispensing needle with double effect, the advantage of being able to in a specific environment to improve production speed, single point needle effect is not, of course there are some double dispensing industry the needle head needles compared to the documentary, each of the products are unique.
How to choose the double needles is also a problem, before choosing to know what are the double needles made of material produced by the specification of how many types of selection rules in the industry what what the needle will be better, these are the need to understand clearly, double needles are generally made of stainless steel, and according to the as such, many industries can be used for dispensing function.
Stainless steel double needles application industry is required, can only be used for dispensing point to point and line to line, so that the industry can use double needle dispensing, dispensing mode other not to use the dispensing needle, not only will have no such effect, even the products will be damaged, according to the appropriate dispensing needle selection and application of the industry, to improve production efficiency.
The size of dispensing needles is different. The accuracy of different dispensing needles is chosen to select dispensing needles in such a way, which requires higher accuracy, choosing small size dispensing needles and vice versa. Combined with these methods, a suitable double head glue needle can be selected and the effect will be very good.
The above is how to choose double head dispensing needles. According to these methods, the products selected are very suitable for products. The selection of dispensing needles is basically the use of such a method, so it will not be selected.
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