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he double head glue needle is suitable for use on the glue d

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Unlike other glue needles, the double head glue needle is equipped with two pipes. The glue can flow out to two pipes and spot glue, and the glue is fast. The glue needle is one of the accessories in the glue dispenser. The glue can be used with the dispensing valve or the dot glue needle. The general double head glue needle is made of stainless steel, and the applicable glue is much more. So, what are the use equipment of double head glue needles?
1. A desktop automatic glue dispenser
Desktop automatic dispensing machine can also be called the desktop automatic glue machine, the general type of glue machine will be smaller. As the model is small, the desktop glue dispenser is suitable for the small product. Desktop automatic glue dispenser has a certain range of use, in the power switch, mobile components, LED, loudspeakers and other products can be used. Some products can be used for double needle dispenser for dispensing work, but in the selection of double dispensing, need to use glue dispensing properties and the product requires the selection of the appropriate specifications, to avoid improper needle drawing and clogging phenomenon influence dispensing work.
2, LED glue dispenser
Due to the continuous development of domestic technology, LED dispensing machine can not only be used in the lighting industry, but also can use LED dispensing machine in automobile parts, integrated circuits, interphone parts, earphones and other products, which can achieve irregular drawings such as drawing lines, circles, arcs and so on. When dispensing the LED screen with LED dispensing machine, double head dispensing needles can be used to improve the dispensing efficiency, but before using, it is better to try the glue dispensing first, avoiding the distance between dispensing needles and worktables, and scratching flowers. Improper glue needles. Equipment for the use of double head glue needles
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