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The glue needles are all useful

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The glue needles are assembled together with the dot glue valve or the dot glue needle. It is one of the parts of the glue dispenser. The application range of dispensing needle is wide. It can be used in loudspeaker, power switch, mobile phone buttons, earphones and other products. In addition to the dispensing work, what are the dispensing needles used in dispensing equipment?
Because the needles for more widely, and each industry of dispensing glue volume requirements are different, so the size of dispensing needle types are different, so can be selected by the selection of different diameter of the needles in the dispensing process, avoid glue is not suitable for dispensing quality influence. There are many kinds of needles, for example: stainless steel needles, double head glue needles, TT slant glue needles and so on. These three needles have their own advantages. Such as:
The stainless steel dispensing needle is made of stainless steel and has long service life. When the glue of the dispensing needle is solidified, it can use the heater to melt the glue in the needle, avoid glue clogging and affect the dispensing work. Using this kind of glue needle to make glue work, it can improve the speed of the glue. So the application range of stainless steel dot glue needle is wide.
The double head glue needle is equipped with two pipes, and can do the glue work at the same time, and the efficiency of the glue is high. General double needles are made of stainless steel, with corrosion resistance, load characteristics, in some high precision dispensing industries can also be used to double needles; TT oblique type dispensing needle is generally made of plastic material, in the dispensing process do not scratch products, when dispensing needles in glue there need to replace the solidification phenomenon, suitable for single use.
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