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How to solve the problem of drawing needles

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Dispensing needles, also known as dispensing syringes, are a kind of accessories in dispensing equipment. In dispensing process, glue dispensing needles with different inner diameters can be used to control the amount of glue and facilitate dispensing. But in the process of glue dispensing, the needling needle will have a drawing phenomenon, which affects the effect of the glue. So what are the reasons for the drawing of the needles? What is the way to solve the problem when the needles are drawn?
The reason for the drawing phenomenon of the needles is: the viscosity of the glue is high. The glue of high viscosity, which points out the glue point is smaller, drawing, etc. epoxy can easily occur in the dispensing process, thus affecting the quality of dispensing; dispensing needle used for glue. The solidification rate of some glue is faster, and the glue is easily blocked in the glue needle, which affects the quality of the glue, and the quality of the glue is not good. If the quality of the glue is not good, it will not only plug the needles of the glue, but also easily lead to the drawing phenomenon and influence the quality of the glue.
Solution: before the glue dispenser is used, the quality of the glue can be checked first. If the glue quality is not good, the glue out pressure barrel after cleaning can replace glue, reduce drawing phenomenon; for some special glue, such as instant glue, UV glue, two glue solidification speed faster, so in the choice of dispensing needles according to the nature of the glue with the requirement for dispensing products. Such as instant glue dispensing machine can use stainless steel needle, high precision dispensing needles, with a metal liner can be used for instant glue dispensing, and UV can use precision dispensing needle, Teflon needle, select appropriate dispensing needle can reduce leakage phenomenon such as drawing, glue, convenient dispensing work.
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