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How to use glue needles in daily operation

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In dispensing process, glue dispensing needles will be used for dispensing. Besides the glue dispensing work, the dispensing quantity can also be controlled by using the dispensing needles with different internal forces, so that the glue output can not meet the requirements of dispensing and affect the production of products. There are many kinds of dispensing needles, such as stainless steel dispensing needles, TT flexible dispensing needles, high-speed dispensing needles, etc. different kinds of dispensing needles have their own advantages. Some workers are prone to clogging and glue leakage when using dispensing needles, which will affect the dispensing. How do we use the dispensing needles to avoid clogging and glue leakage?
It is best to check the quality of the glue used before use. If the quality of the glue is not good, the glue dispensing needle will be blocked in the dispensing process, and the dispensing quantity will also be affected. There is another reason for clogging: the dispensing equipment itself is not well sealed. If the pressure seal of the dispensing pressure drum is not good enough, it will not only accelerate the solidification speed of the glue in the pressure barrel, but also affect the dispensing work. The uneven glue will cause the glue to coagulate.
In addition to the above two methods of preparation, attention should be paid to the selection of needles. Some glue coagulating speed is faster, such as common instant dry glue, quick drying glue, etc. when using these two kinds of glue for dispensing, it is easy to appear the phenomenon of glue coagulating in the syringe, affect the dispensing work and so on.
After the use of the needles, it is best to do a cleaning. If it is ordinary dispensing needle made of plastic can be directly used, if it is a non plastic material dispensing needle can check the needle in the glue is solidified, if the glue solidification phenomenon, the heater can be used in the needle glue melted in the cleaning, use it next time.
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